Blast from the Past

Naval Evolution & The Affondatore Welcome to ‘A Blast from the Past’ our weekly feature where we take a look at defence products from the past. Be they big or small anything is on the table for our consideration. Today we bring you, ‘The Affondatore’ – an Italian Ironclad vessel dating from 1866. The vessel … Read more

Product of the Week

Welcome to product of the week, a new feature for the International Military Review where we examine a defence product each week. Products ranging from, anti-aircraft missiles to torpedoes, submarines to ballistic vests and recoilless rifles to communications equipment. This week’s nominee, the SIG Saur P320 comes courtesy of gun designer Adrian Thomele and his … Read more

Company of the Week

Heckler and Koch GmbH The Founders & Selected Company Produce Edmund Heckler: Born in 1906, Edmund Heckler was fortunate enough to grow up in Baden-Wurttemburg, fourteen miles from modern Switzerland. A state which already lay claim to the great Mauser firearms company. Heckler undertook his apprenticeship at the company’s manufacturing heart in Oberndorf – in … Read more

Norway to Acquire 52 Additional F-35A Lightning II Multirole Jet Fighters for an Undisclosed Sum

The Norwegian Embassy in Washington announced yesterday evening, the conclusion of a bilateral purchase agreement. The concluded deal will see Lockheed Martin supply fifty two F-35A fighter jets to the Norwegian Airforce. The aircraft usually coming in at around, $80 million is likely to cost the Norwegian purse at least $4.1bln if not more after … Read more

Bell Textron Acquires Response Technologies LLC

Textron subsidiary, Bell Textron has announced its acquisition of the Rhode Island based aviation solutions firm, Response Technologies LLC. The take over was finalized on the 7th of December and will see the company integrated into Bell Textron’s world-leading helicopter manufacturing division. Bell Textron’s CEO Mitch Snyder emphasized the particular interest Bell had in Response … Read more

Rheinmetall AG & Galvion to Supply 20,000 Batlskin Viper P4 Helmets to Germany’s Special Forces Units

Rheinmetall AG and Galvion signed a framework agreement last Friday to govern the delivery of 20,000 Viper P4 helmets to the German military. The contract provides for an initial production order of 5,000 units and the provision of after-market services, which will cover unit maintenance and repair. The total order price has been revealed to … Read more

Saab AB to Fulfil a £184.3M Order for Giraffe 4A Multifunctional Radar Systems from the Swedish Armed Forces

Saab AB has signed a contract with the Swedish government through the Swedish government’s defence procurement agency, the Defence Materiel Administration. The contract will govern the installation of a radar upgrade package for the Swedish Navy’s five Visby-class Corvettes, alongside the provision of Giraffe 4A multifunctional AESA radar systems to Swedish Army’s Halmstad based Air … Read more

Saab AB Contracts with the Lürssen Werft to Provide the Installation of 9LV Combat Systems for the Bulgarian Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vehicle Acquisition Programme

Sweden’s premier defence company, the Saab AB has signed a systems provision contract with Lürssen Werft GmbH. The contract will bringing the company into the Bulgarian Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) acquisition project. Saab’s role is to manufacture and oversee the integration of the 9LV family of combat systems, onto the Bulgarian Navy’s two on … Read more

Brazilian Navy to Acquire 90 UNIMOG 5000 Utility Vehicles from Daimler AG for an Undisclosed Sum

On Sunday the Brazilian Navy confirmed their signature of a bilateral defence contract between the Brazilian Ministry of Defence and Daimler AG. The contract, to be managed by the Brazilian ministry of defence’s own procurement system, will oversee the purchase of 90 UNIMOG 5000 utility vehicles from Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz. The UNIMOG 5000 delivery will … Read more

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace to Fulfil a £72.1M Joint Strike Missile Order for the Japanese Air Force

This Monday Norway’s Kongsberg Group’s defence division, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has been granted a supply contract from the Japanese military. The contract will govern an order for Joint Strike Missiles (JSMs), the total order is priced at 820M KR or £72.1M for an unspecified number of units to be delivered at a non-disclosed time. … Read more