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Are you a small or medium sized defence firm? Would you like to get your message across to a growing readership that’s global in scope? Then get in touch and together we can help build awareness of what your company can do and who they can do it for. We at the International Military Review are in the beginning of our life as a company and dedicated to providing the most up to date procurement, corporate and technical news from across the defence market space. Working with the International Military Review will provide you with the opportunity to operate with a new, dynamic firm with the editorial agility to produce highly tailored pieces at a fair price. We can offer three types of article; new product reveals, existing product advertisements, contract announcements.

Product Reveals

  • Unveil your latest products using our twitter and website to bring your most recent technical advancements to the defence community
  • Demonstrate your exhibition videos on our site allowing it to be seen by our wide ranging readership
  • Have your product revealed through a full length article written by a company fully competent with the latest defence trends
  • Tailor your reveal through us with a bespoke article allowing you to customize everything from the font to the word count

Product Advertisement

  • Add the International Military Review to your list of advertisement providers and allow us to present your existing product line to our readership
  • Use our site a platform to disseminate technical data, images and video to an audience of public and corporate clients
  • Be represented through our company twitter and Instagram pages as part of your social media marketing strategy
  • See your desired promotion realized by a company which understands the needs of defence clients

Contract Announcements

  • The announcement of large defence contracts are the core element of our news output, get your announcement published alongside industry giants such as BAE and Raytheon Technologies
  • Put your trust in us to provide the whole story in great technical detail before any other outlet, allowing you to shape the commercial narrative
  • Craft your announcement in collaboration with a company which is well versed in both defence procurement and global arms control regimes capable of providing a competent and knowledgeable service

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