Defence Market Intelligence

Welcome to the Defence Market Intelligence section. The defence market intelligence section is where, as a site member, you can find analysis of quarterly reports, mid-year reports and annual reports from major companies. The defence market intelligence page differs from the Spotlight companies page in that it does it covers news from established, medium to large corporations. The rationale behind the reporting of major defence company quarterly reports stems from a requirement for the client to understand the wider defence market. The performance of the defence market’s largest players is indicative of the market as a whole. The major players in the sector dominate innovation and production, change the political weather with their contracting choices and dictate inter-corporation relations.

The Defence Market Intelligence section presents the reporting of quarterly and mid to end of year financial performance announcements, from major defence firms. Our reports are based on curated financial analysis saving you the trouble of wading through complex data dense company reports, written in heavy legalese. The curation process ensures only the most relevant information to the company and the investor is included. The documents produced by the Defence Market Intelligence section seek to grant the client the ability to understand regional contracting strategies, the direction of internal financing and the financial health of the sector’s largest companies all in one place.

Joining the website as a member will provide you with access to the Defence Market Intelligence section. The section is definitely not to be missed as a feature of your website membership. The defence market intelligence page will receive updates throughout the year, with company quarterly reports coming in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 with half-year reporting typically coming in Q3 and end of year reporting in Q1 of the following year. Quarters represent the financial year and run as follows: Q1 January – March, Q2 May, April, June, Q3 – July, August, September, Q4 – October, November, December.