Our Company

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IMR Founder Matthew Hall MA

Who We Are

The International Military Review or IMR started life in August 2020 to produce quality, accessible defence market journalism for both business and research oriented individuals, involved or soon to be involved in the defence field. The founder’s vision for the IMR is as a place for reliable, non-political, defence market reporting focusing on the corporate, technical and procurement aspects of the market.

The founder of the IMR, Matthew Hall MA, is a specialist in strategic studies international relations. Mr. Hall attended Aberystwyth University from 2013 – 2017, an institution world-renowned for its International Relations department gaining first a bachelors in International Relations and Intelligence Studies before going to specialize in Strategic Studies at masters level

What We Do

The International Military Review has four core goals it wishes to achieve for its readership: to generate awareness of the latest global defence procurement developments, to provide reliable up to date reporting on corporate activity in the defence sector and to promote young defence companies and technologies.

International Defence Procurement

The first goal is executed through the provision of the latest military procurement announcements, from across the aviation, maritime and land sectors. The procurement news articles are designed to be in-depth in nature, informing on every aspect of the contracting parties involved, from the supplier and receiver right the way to the intermediary governmental agencies. Our announcements are envisioned to be a step ahead, be fully researched and only released when the parties have confirmed their involvement. The desired outcome is to deliver a quality product to inform both our business and research readership about developing trends, defence policy transformations and current national defence focuses from around the world.

Corporate Activity

The second goal, the reporting on corporate activity concerns both free news coverage and paid for analysis. The reporting on corporate activity takes place both on our front page and within the defence market intelligence section. The corporate activity goal seeks to provide a chronicle of corporate fortunes throughout the globe. The International Military Review focuses here on providing in-depth analytical reports on the major industry players during their end of quarterly and mid to full year performance reporting periods. The in-depth emphasis is joined by announcement oriented reporting on inter-corporate relations. The desired outcome is to provide both the business and research readership, with an up to date commercial topography of the global defence sector.

Promotion of New Technologies & New Companies

The final goal centres around the promotion of both new technologies and new companies in the defence sector. The promotion of new technologies is positioned on our free pages, in line with announcements on inter-corporate relations and procurement updates. The promotion of new companies takes place via our paid for Spotlight service. The Spotlight service is geared towards investors within the defence sector looking at coming in to young companies at the beginning of their life-cycle. The desired outcome is to provide our business readership with opportunities they might otherwise miss, whilst our desired outcome for the research readership is to present newly developed technologies in the form of product release announcements.