Raytheon Report Q3 2020

Report Overview The 27th of October 2020 saw the release of Raytheon Technologies end of third quarter report on the company’s health. The end of Q3 2020 came on the 30th of September and all information presented within this document expires on that date. Raytheon Technologies came into existence in 2020 as a merger between … Read more

Sea Machines Robotics Supplies the SM300 to First Harvest Navigation

Sea Machines Robotics has announced a new contract with Norwalk based seaborne transit company, First Harvest Navigation. The contract will see the SM300 manned to unmanned conversion system fitted to the company’s Captain Ben Moore vessel. The Captain Ben Moore is a 63 inch by 21.3 inch aluminium built, lightweight catamaran. The installation of the … Read more

Spotlight: Sea Machines Robotics Inc.

Sea Machines Robotics Inc. was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 2014 as the brainchild of its CEO Michael G. Johnson working alongside his current right hand man, Chief Operating Officer Jim Daly. The company’s vision was to become a premier specialist firm renowned for autonomous control & navigation systems. The road to the defence premiership … Read more