Spotlight by IMR

Welcome to Spotlight by IMR. Spotlight by IMR is one of the International Military Review’s paid for products. The raison d’etre of the Spotlight service is to provide potential investors with enough information to make a reasonable judgement about coming in to young defence companies. The logic of coming in when said companies are young is geared wholly towards allowing investors to reap greater profits as the value of the company increases. The prophecy which we wish to fulfil is that of ‘if you come in at the beginning you always stand to make a profit’. The Spotlight service intends to do this through the joint effort undertaken by the Spotlight Monitoring product and Spotlight Companies product.

The Spotlight Companies product is designed to alert members to the presence of young defence companies. The Spotlight Companies section of the service will publish in depth profiles covering: company history, financial records when discoverable, key people and presence in the news cycle. The profiles will be created from two different components, the first component is text based, in standard article form and will present those elements mentioned above. The second component is video based and will be in presentation form. The presentation based video published above the article itself. The presentation will contain two elements 1) market research and 2) the company’s current product roster. The first element will demonstrate key information around the market within which the company has become engaged in. The market might be autonomous naval vehicles or firearms for example. The infographic based presentation will contain a voice over by the IMR’s director, Matthew Hall MA. The profile when completed will be filed in the Spotlight Companies archive easily retrievable through the search bar, no complicated site mapping involved. The objective is to put the company on an easily discoverable platform for investors to find without any fuss.

The Spotlight Monitoring product involves the tracking and publishing of updates on the companies featured in as Spotlight companies. The updates will be provided on the site in the same format as our homepage announcements. The updates are geared towards allowing readers interested in the company’s progress to monitor their current trajectory. The outcome being to allow investors and interested parties to better look after their investment in the firm, or to make better judgements about product purchases. The Spotlight service allows its users to be the first person in a group of friends, colleagues or partners to understand a developing company, fully comprehend the ins and outs of a firm or be privy to that business awareness others would love to know. Gaining access to the Spotlight service comes as part of your £10.00 monthly membership to the International Military Review, alongside access to the defence market intelligence section. The site membership is available at £10.00 per month or £60.00 for the year.